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After probably more than four years. I finally joined our local writing group, Writer's Forum.

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Keven Pirritano

Creating worlds everyday!
Keven sat on his bed gripping the book he held in his hands. Nothing else mattered at this point in his life. It was he and this book. It sucked him in never to let go.
A sound.
Irritated he stopped reading and stared at his bedroom door. He half expected his mom or dad to enter the room and ask why the lights were still on.
“Why are you still up,” he imagined one of them saying as they barged in like a stampede of wild animals.

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The First to Awaken

I awoke to a throbbing pain on the back of my head. I lifted a hand to the source of pain and immediately felt something wet.
At least that's what it looked like. It felt rather thick. Perhaps it was mixed with pus.
'Great', I thought.' Like I need it to get infected.'
This is when I realized I was on the floor. The carpet below me was covered in blood. I tried to scream, but nothing. No matter how I tried I couldn't scream. Then I realized that my arms were moving. In fact, I felt myself being lifted up by my own hands and legs. Yet, I didn't even think about rising from the floor. I was still shocked and confused that I was even on the floor in the first place.
"How did I get down here," I said.
Wait, no. That didn't come from my mouth.
What is going on?