How I Write

One thing you will learn if you do a Google search or even a YouTube search is how different writer’s write. Some take deep detailed notes, some write full chapter outline, and others (like myself) just start writing, and maybe come back later to jot down notes.

  • Away from Home
    I often write at Barnes and Nobles. I find I am less distracted because I don’t have stuff that normally distracts me well at home. Now, yes sometimes it can get noisy, but oddly that doesn’t distract me as much as things at home.
  • Write Every day
    Being thirty-four years old I haven’t spent much time actually writing. Mind you, I decided to write at a young age, but here I am with nothing really to my name. So upon getting my new laptop I have made it my goal to write every day. Which, surprisingly I have done quite well so far.
  • Inspiring Myself
    One reason why I decided to write at Barnes and Noble’s is so the books on the shelf motivate me to actually write. I’ve also after five years of knowing about it. Joined a local writing group in my area.

My Tools

My Most Important Tools

I am the creator of worlds and the destroyer of worlds. My job is that of a detective, a nameless knight, a murderer, and even a talking animal. My principals are that of a villain; cold, angry, and sometimes calm. Mixed with heroism. This is what I do; much and more. After all, I am a writer!

Keven Pirritano