Stacy & The Keepers

Because right here, right at this very moment two unknown things were watching each of them sleep in their beds. It wasn't a human or any kind of machine. They were something else altogether. Not even of this time, but created in time. Neither good nor evil. But full of evil and good in what remained of their hearts.

"Are you sure they will go there?" a voice, who decided to use the human name Lunet said. "Neither of them look special to me."

~Stacy Krane & The Keeper, book one, Prologue

In Progress

A Story About


The darkest truth about stories comes to life as Stacy & Bradley learn the true power of writing a book. Taught the great wonders of reading and writing a good story. But nothing could have prepared them for the dark side of a writers mind!


Stacy an avid reader of books has always dreamed of visiting Hogwarts or Sailing alongside Moby Dick. However, this dream is shattered when her little brother bites off more than he can chew and vanishes from their world and the next.


Time is short for Bradley after he meets his first Partial, a creature full of hate, and malice towards its creator. But this particular Partial is more dangerous than Bradley could know and Stacy and the Keeper have no idea how short time is for Bradley before he is completely gone!

Dedicated To

Stacy Lynn Pirritano

02/20/81 - 04/01/2014