Astronomy in Fantasy

I spent today working on the first book in my fantasy series. I have decided to add very small bits of technology and other aspects such as astronomy. Below is an un-edited excerpt of Draft one for the Prologue of Blood and Betrayal. Enjoy!

“Ugly and stupid,” Rhobert said with a crooked smile. He almost looked pleased to know something that Toft did not. “It’s a Laitos Eclipse. Now shut up and get ready to move out.”

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Published Through Their Eyes


Now that I have my website up and running it’s time I start using it.

In November of 2013 I managed to self-publish a short story through Smashwords. This was actually a college assignment and it showed me how simple it would be to publish my works myself (not that all will be self-published).

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Welcome to writer’s website. This place is still under development, but feel free to poke around.


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